Layout of Shed A,  a total area of 63,000 sq.ft will be available, for immediate occupation and commencement of  operation from 1st week of August’12.  This total area includes, two mezzanine area of 3591 sq.ft each and 5 loading platforms.  The current occupant has tendered the termination of lease and they will vacate by end of July’12.

Industrial Shed Routemap
Industrial Shed Routemap

Shed C – Western Side –  Total area is 39153 sq.ft. This area is split into two half and one portion of approx 19,000 sq.ft is available for immediate commencement of operation.  This portion includes mezzanine and toilet areas.

Note :New Sheds D  and E of  50,000 sq.ft each will also be available. The completion of this project is expected by end of September 2012

Chakan Shed Layout pdf